the art of exalting the soul

Our goal is to share moments of beauty with you.
we honor and respect you giving us your attention.

perhaps we can offer refreshment for your eyes 
and inspiration for your soul.

if your heart is touched, all the better still. 

as your hosts, 
we hope you will leave richer than when you arrived,
and the investment of your time 
will have been worthwhile for you.
we offer you the opportunity to take away with you 
moments of beauty to keep in your heart 
and enjoy on your desk, wall or screen.
here @ unohu,
we celebrate the moment called now.

we share with you reflections of beauty 
in appreciation of the blessings
bestowed on us by our Creator. 

please return to visit often.

thank you for being here.

we art lovers of beauty.

lovers of love.

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Throughout the portal
these wings will carry you 
welcomes you to explore the art 

collector of moments