the art of exalting the soul
Inspiration Inspiration self-knowledge
is the true living art


noh © 2006 
to discover more
and the gift he offers Maharaji is my inspiration.
He is my heart’s delight.

In the Master’s Presence, 
I learn humility. I learn to feel.
I remember, I awaken, I celebrate and rejoice.

 going within 
to enjoy the gift of Self-Knowledge, 
I learn to receive, to be patient and to focus.

I learn to be conscious.

riding the Breath of Existence,
i continue to discover, know and enjoy myself.

In opening to his perspective and guidance,
I learn to value each moment.
i grow to appreciate, to admire, 
to revere and understand.

In the opportunities offered to express my gratitude,
I aspire towards excellence.

I feel the beauty of grace in my life.

since may of nineteen seventy two, 
It has been my privilege, my honor, my blessing 
to have enjoyed countless opportunities  
to visually portray the Master 
through the photographic medium.

In these wonderful moments beyond time,
his presence of love,
would hold my focus and my heart,
and my heart behold
the perfect mirror
of itself.